Exploring Nature's Oasis: A Journey to Sloquet Hotsprings via Harrison West Route

A soul-replenishing journey through BC's wild backcountry. Soak in rejuvenating thermal waters amidst stunning mountain landscapes and unwind in this serene natural gem.

7/24/20233 min read

Hidden deep within the breathtaking wilderness of British Columbia lies a natural gem waiting to be discovered - the Sloquet Hotsprings. If you're seeking a blissful escape surrounded by nature's wonders, this enchanting hot spring destination is the perfect retreat.

Join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey along the Harrison West Route, leading us to the secluded paradise of Sloquet Hotsprings. Get ready to soak in rejuvenating thermal waters amidst stunning mountain landscapes.

The Drive to Sloquet Hotsprings: The journey to Sloquet Hotsprings is an adventure in itself. Starting from the picturesque town of Harrison Hot Springs, you'll begin your drive along the Harrison West Route. This scenic route offers captivating views of serene lakes, lush forests, and towering mountains, making it an enjoyable drive for nature enthusiasts.

What to Expect from the Drive: As you make your way along the Harrison West Route, expect a mix of paved and gravel roads. The drive can be bumpy and challenging in some areas, especially when navigating unpaved sections. However, the reward lies in the stunning vistas and the anticipation of the tranquil hotsprings that await you at the end of the road.

Recommended Vehicle: Due to the rugged terrain and gravel roads, a sturdy and reliable 4x4 vehicle or an SUV with good ground clearance is recommended for this journey. While it is possible to access the hotsprings with a regular car, having a more robust vehicle will provide additional comfort and stability, especially for those less familiar with off-road driving.

Duration of the Drive: The drive to Sloquet Hotsprings typically takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours from Harrison Hot Springs, depending on the road conditions and your starting point. Remember to account for extra time to enjoy the scenic viewpoints and take short breaks along the way.

Discovering Sloquet Hotsprings: After a thrilling drive through the rugged backcountry for about 87 km and a 9 km drive on the in-SHUCK-che FSR on the left, you'll arrive at Sloquet Hotsprings recreational site, a hidden oasis nestled within the wilderness. The soothing thermal waters, ranging from warm to hot in 4 different pools, will melt away any stress and rejuvenate your senses. Unwind in the natural rock pools, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

Note on Camping: For those seeking an overnight adventure, camping is available near the hotsprings. The campground is basic and offers a rustic experience with minimal amenities, allowing you to fully embrace the serenity of the wilderness. Please note that a day's use will cost you 10 CAD per person and overnight is 20 CAD per vehicle, in cash. From the campsite you have two different paths to take to go down to the hotsprings, a scenic 8 min walk through the lush forest or a shorter but steep walk down the mountain. At the hotsprings, you will be welcomed to a choice of different pools based on warmth and a changing area.

Conclusion: Embarking on a journey to Sloquet Hotsprings via the Harrison West Route is a true escape from the ordinary, immersing you in the unspoiled beauty of British Columbia's backcountry. The rugged drive adds an element of excitement to the trip, leading to a rewarding destination where relaxation and natural wonder await. So, pack your sense of adventure, prepare your reliable vehicle, and set off on a soul-replenishing adventure to Sloquet Hotsprings. Happy exploring!

Important Note: Please ensure you have essential supplies, including food, water, and proper camping gear, as facilities at Sloquet Hotsprings are limited. Practice Leave No Trace principles, respect the environment, and be mindful of wildlife during your visit.